I’m Back, But With A Brand New Face…

If you follow my business page on Facebook, you will have seen my first baby steps with undergoing a complete rebrand. I plan to roll this out throughout everything over the next couple of months.

SPS Creative Design under going the first phases of a fresh new look.

Next step will be to overhaul the website, it will stay very similar but with some subtle improvements to keep it on its A-game!

What Can You Expect?

Other than the obvious design changes, I will be looking at more flexible hosting plans to work better to individual clients and companies target budgets. Offering a new monthly spread cost, scrapping the upfront cost. Which will make the term transition smoother for both parties. As always, the same great service of customer support will be available.

Got Questions?

Feel free to comment on this post or email me here.
Always happy to help,

Sam Sedgeman

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